doped tungten wire
Doped Tungsten Wire
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Types of Doped Tungsten Wire

Standard doped tungsten wire with excellent non-sagging property, which can make filaments for bulb lamps, auto lamps and fluorescent lamps,and use for ordinary filament, energy-saving filament and incandescent filament.

W41 material of doped tungsten wire excel in secondary processing ability because it has a lower re-crystallization temperature compared to W31 material.

Doped tungsten wire with excellent non-sagging property and high speed coil ability, which can make filaments for bulb lamps, auto lamps and fluorescent lamps.

W71 material is doped tungsten wire with cobalt and have non-sagging properties and improved vibration resistance.

W91 of doped tungsten wire can be used in making filaments for halogen lamps, especially for high pressure halogen lamps with the non-sagging and fit for high temperature use property.

W99 doped tungsten wire have a higher recrystallization point than that of W91 and excels non-sagging property. After redrawing, it can also be used as filaments for halogen lamps, but with longer life.

WR15 doped tungsten wire have long time burning life and resistance to shock with excellent non-sag property for lighting, which are doped with K-compounds, Si-compounds, and Al-compounds (AKS). Its property is much higher than W91 on life and resistance to shock.

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